The ship was a container carrier. She was proceeding from Singapore to Ho-Chi-Minh. At about 0004 hrs, the ship crossed Horsbury Light House, and suddenly the ship’s power went off. The main engine stopped, the vessel started swinging towards starboard side. The ship had just crossed the Horsbury Light house and was drifting towards the light house. Second officer gave the security call on VHF and also informed VTIS. Chief officer was requested to go forward. Emergency generator did not start on auto. Situation became “PANIC”. Master came on to the bridge, and was waiting for Chief Officer to reach forward stations to drop the anchor. Meanwhile, the standby generator started and came on load, the main engine was started and full astern movement was given to avoid ship’s collision with light house. The ship escaped and got off from the light house point.

(K V Santhosh 2nd Officer)
hindustan institute of marine training chennai