Aftermath of Tsunami :

The 2nd officer was on board M V PilsKunji, a vehicle cum passenger carrier. The Little Andamans, approximately 75 miles from Port Blair, lost its main wharf and break water wharf. Hence no ship could call at this island. M V Pils Kunji was directed to carry relief materials for the islanders. On arrival at Little Andamans, it seemed impossible to reach the island. After an hour long discussion with senior relief officer, 2nd officer decided to lower the rescue boar with two senior seamen. With the rescue boat and the two seamen, an extensive survey was carried out, and the ‘NO GO AREA’ was marked with life buoy. Then just before, the tide was to reach maximum, the vessel was maneuvred to an old slip way. With the help of NGO’s and the CRPF, the relief materials were off loaded and islanders were helped. Even some of the stranded passengers were transported.

After this regular trips were made and the relief materials were distributed to the islanders. The 2nd officer was commended for his brave operation and was given a certificate and a cash award of Rs.2,500 on the Maritime Day, next year.

( C Ibrahim, 2/O)
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