Ship’s Name : M V Long Island

December, 26th, 2004, the ship was in South Andaman “KAMORTA” island. Early morning around 0630 hrs, the ship started banging the jetty. Mooring ropes parted, some of the crew members on the jetty, jumped onto the ship. They said they felt earth quake.

The engines were started and the remaining one rope was removed and the ship cast off to a safe area. When the ship started moving away from the jetty, to the surprise of the crew and the Master, the water level rose so suddenly and submerged the jetty. The debris, broken coconut trees etc started floating on the water. After about 24 hrs, on the next day, the ship sighted a tug M V Ramakrishna, with some passengers on board. The tug requested the Master to help them land on to Kamorta island. The island itself was not visible and they were all kept on board, water and food were given to them. After 3 days, Indian Navy came for the help and the passengers were handed over to Indian Navy safely. Indian Navy supplied rations, clothings etc.

(M P Padmanabhan Nair)
hindustan institute of marine training chennai