The ship was a general cargo ship, on her passage (delivery voyage) from a port in Male to Colombo. The weather was rough and ship was rolling about 10 to 15˚. The cook was frying fish in the galley. After putting the fish in to pan with hot oil, he left for fresh air in the poop deck. Due to rolling, the boiling oil spilled over the hot plate and the cable and wires caught fire. The seaman who was walking by the side of the galley, noticed the fire and he threw gunny bags to fight the fire !!!. Fire enlarged and he shouted for help.

Fire alarm did not sound in the bridge as the sensor was faulty. Engine room was phoned up and 2/E came and cut off the power supply, and the fire was fought with proper extinguishers.The ship was on a delivery voyage, and the people were yet to get accustomed to the ship. The seaman lacked the training to fight the fire. No records were available regarding the maintenance and testing of fire alarms.

Lessons learnt :

no excuse can be given for lack of fire fighting knowledge. Throwing gunnies on to the existing fire can not be accepted. The seamen to be trained on board properly. It is advisable, that the ship board people to acquaint themselves at the earliest about the fire fighting equipments available on board. It is imperative that the fire alarms are to be tested and maintained at regular intervals.
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