The incident happened on a multi purpose cargo vessel. Tween deck cargo hold 5 was loaded with timber. Chief officer had asked the cadet to rig a cargo cluster in No 5 hatch to inspect the same. Due to pre occupation with some other work, he totally forgot about the hold inspection. Cadet dutifully rigged up the cargo cluster and left it on top of the timber, (covered with plastic) and left hold 5 and he also forgot about the same. The bosun while winding up the day’s work, on returning from forward was checking all the booby hatches (to see whether they are closed and locked properly). All the other crew were given off for the day after their work. Bosun found fire in No 5 hatch when he came near the hatch for inspection. He called the crew and the crew refused to turn up and neglected the call. Himself and the 3rd officer fought the fire ( the fire was small), and both of them removed the damaged parts.

Lessons learnt :

it is always better to keep a diary or notebook containing the day’s planned work and a way to check or tick the work completed, so that such things will not be forgotten. Also it will enable a senior officer, who has to plan lot of jobs in a day, to ascertain whether all jobs have been completed or not.
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