While sailing on the west coast of India, on one night in the vessel M V Tipusultan, a passenger complained that smoking smell coming from stbd side of the vessel. On inspection, nothing could be done physically. Around 2230 hrs, fire broke out in the stbd funnel, and the engines were stopped. The fire was fought effectively and the fire was brought under control. Thorough inspection was carried out, and found that loose electrical wires which were rigged up crossing the funnel, got burnt.

Also the funnel had too much of carbon deposits and an uptake fire took place. Electrical officer was instructed to remove such unauthorized loose wiring, to prevent future accident. The passengers were assured of safety. Port engine was started and the ship reached, Cochin port safely. On arrival, the MMD authorities, came on board, conducted the enquiry and a full inspection was carried out by them. As per their recommendations, two sections of the funnel were cropped and renewed.
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