The vessel was a small passenger craft. The vessel was alongside the Ferry Wharf in Mumbai. Vessel was laid up for repairs and the company provided shore watch men.Crew normally go out after their duty hours. One late evening, as Master took casual rounds on the bridge deck, Master saw the chief cook approaching the ship. After about 5 minutes, when he came down, he enquired about the cook, and he was not found in the ship.Due to ebb tide, the ship had slightly come out of the jetty.

On seeing in the gap between the ship and the jetty, in the water it could be seen that the chief cook was struggling in the water. Life buoy and line was thrown, to which he held and he was pulled up on the deck with the help of other crew. As the lower deck gunwale used to be in level with the jetty, crew never used gangway for accessing the ship. They used shortcut of jumping in and out to the jetty from the lower deck. Though Master has ordered to avoid such a practice, still it continued.

Lesson learnt :

always use gangway for accessing the ship and the jetty.
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