Bad Quality Bunkers

The lab analysis of fuel oil which was bunkered, showed the quality to be bad. The owners insisted on debunkering, but suitable berth was not available, hence the ship could not debunker it safely. The company supplied FO treatment chemical, 400 ltrs to augment the situation and also the ship was informed to use the fuel gradually and slowly.

The vessel left US for Rotterdam. Everyday about 10m3 of the bad fuel was consumed along with the existing bunker. After about 3 days of voyage, one of the units’ fuel rack got stuck, which was noticed and easened up immediately. The purifiers were operating normally and sludge output was also normal. At Rotterdam, there were frequent movements between berths, and during maneuvering no problems were faced. The vessel after discharging loaded for Nigeria. At Nigerian anchorage, the problems started.

The Main engine was kept at short notice and the engine was on heavy oil with pumps running. The ship was drifting badly due to currents, and hence frequent maneuvering was done to keep it back in position. When the engine was stopped for more than 12 hrs, the problems started. The racks one by one started getting jammed and ultimately the fuel injector needle also got jammed. On inspection, found the rollers of the fuel pump were in raised position. The fuel pumps and the fuel injectors were overhauled one by one, in the time available. Luckily stay in the anchorage was for about 4 days, hence it could be done.

Even the filters and purifiers could not efficiently clear the dissolved fine particles.
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