The incident happened on a Panama Flag Vessel in February, 2002, while leaving Iranian port Bandar Khomeni. Soon after Full Ahead was given, noticed ME jacket cooling water expansion tank level coming down and the sump level rising. Informed bridge, but Master requested to manage for some more time as the ship could not be stopped (being in the river and in narrow channel). Unit 8 exhaust temperature also found to be less and requested bridge to atleast to go in slow speed and not to give any ‘stop’ movement.

The Lub oil from sump was slowly transferred to spare and empty settling tank, at the same time fresh Lubricating oil was supplemented to maintain the viscosity and oiliness. The expansion tank level was also kept on close observation. After 1 hr, the ship reached a safe area and the vessel was anchored. Main Engine was stopped and after taking sufficient precautions, inspections carried out. Inspections revealed that unit 8 line had developed hair line cracks circumferentially and the water was jetting outM/E unit 8 was dismantled, the broken liner taken out.

The manufacturer was consulted in regard to the reason for such a damage. Manufacturer suggested that there might have been a imbalance or misalignment of the piston. Other possibilities are that, the jacket landing space would not have been properly lapped during the earlier liner renewal or the tightening of the cylinder head nuts might not have been tightened uniformly.His recommendations were followed and to the extent possible, ship board people assembled the unit and aligned the piston properly and the lapping and tightness done as per the instructions.

Engine was performing satisfactorily. During the subsequent dry dock, the manufacturer was called and all the units’ alignment and tightness checked. Engine started performing satisfactorily.
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