The incident occurred while coming alongside during inward pilotage at night to ebb (port side) at Haldia Approach jetty in the river Hooghly, at the end of the river pilotage and prior o entering the locks. The vessel was a bulk carrier 40,000 DWT, 210 m LOA, and was in ballast to carry thermal coal.

On previous visits, the fendering at the approach jetty was observed to be in a state of despair, necessitating extreme caution while berthing especially. Therefore, Master cautioned the pilot (escpecailly being night and no proper lighting available for fendering) to come alongside gently, if necessary using anchor to control the vessel.The pilot inspite of being Haldia based, replied that fendering had been repaired and that he does not intend to use anchor at all.While coming alongside, chief officer reported from forward that bow was coming alongside too fast and to check momentum, Master immediately cautioned vessel and requested for tug which was touching starboard bow in keeping the ‘push’ to be kept away from ship and then to let go stbd anchor.

Pilot however, threatened to leave his stations asking master to take over and master had to request and convince him to continue doing his duty.Vessel made heavy contact, with approach jetty at a spot where fendering system was in total despair and sustained damage to port side No.1. hold , forward part, frames got bent badly and detached from shell.After coming alongside approach jetty, pilot left vessel, declining to come for joint inspections. Agents and Manager (operations) were informed.
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