Nagar Subbarao Nagendra :

The ship was a 15 year old 52,000 GRT, product tanker. Main Engine was Sulzer 7 RND 68.The ship was proceeding to Mexico for loading. On the way, one day it was found that the fuel pump delivering the fuel for units 5 and 6 covered with oil. On cleaning, it was observed that the fuel was oozing out from unit 5 delivery valve. The allen bolts were checked for proper tightness, found OK. Still the oil was oozing out. To have a proper diagnosis, the engine was stopped after consulting the Master. Opened out the unit 5 delivery connections, found the delivery valve seatcracked.

The fuel pump had to be changed, and it was decided that ship will proceed to loading port where the operation could be taken up. Till that time it was decided to proceed with the fuel pump cut off and at slow speed. It took a heavy toll of ‘OFF HIRE’ charges. The company gave instructions that each and every time when overhauling is done, the crack detection should be carried out.

Lesson learnt :

Maintenance of temperatures are very important, changing over to DO or FO has to be carried out religiously as per the procedure, to avoid thermal stress etc, over tightening of bolts should be avoided,
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