The incident happened in Chennai harbour.

The vessel was a bulk carrier with 5 hatches, 4 cranes and 4 grabs. Each crane had a SWL of 30.5 MT. The grabs were of 12 m3 capacity. The ship was discharging coal in bulk from all the 5 hatches with ship’s own cargo gear.During discharge of cargo, the grab working in hatch 5 with crane 4 got submerged in the cargo completely.

The crane driver tried to forcibly hoist the grab several times unsuccessfully. Duty officer stopped the operation and advised the stevedore foreman, to clear the grab manually. The crane driver descended from the crane and left the vessel. Stevedore foreman promised to arrange manual labourers to clear the cargo around the grab. An hour later, without the knowledge of the duty officer, the crane operator operated the crane 4 and tried to pull out the grab. He was hoisting and slewing and luffing in a very rough way, resulting in the jib getting bent. The bend could not be repaired and the had to be completely renewed with a new jib.
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