Vessel was at anchorage, at Port Cartier, Canada.

Engines were on standby and at ½ hr notice. But on an understanding, C/E was permitted to o’haul the M/E unit. The job took considerable time, and the engines could not be boxed back in time.Weather deteriorated without any indication or warning.

This is quite common in that area.Vessel started dragging anchor. Emergency stations called and ½ notice was given to E/R (indicating the emergency nature). C/E assured Master, that engines will be ready in another 10’. Vessel was dragging towards rocks, which was visible. Since engines would be available in 10’ time, Master ordered to heave the anchor.

But main engine became ready only after 1 hr. by this time the vessel touched the rocks and the vessel shuddered. Had the exact time been given by C/E, such incident could have been avoided, as Master could have dropped the 2nd anchor. The ship did not suffer much damage.
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