The vessel was fully loaded with Naphtha. Engine room under UMS condition.At 0200 hrs fire alarms from the various zones in the ER and M/E alarms sounded, the duty engineer reported fire in ER. All parties mustered. After donning the fireman’s outfit, the first team made entry to locate the fire. Fire generated so much smoke, the visibility became zero. 3 parties, turn by turn took around 2 hrs to locate the fire. It was found in the bottom platform. 4th team went and extinguished the fire. It was a lub oil fire, and some of the electrical cables were damaged and they also contributed to fire.

It took more time, as the personnel were not aware of the availability of fire fighting equipments in the bottom platform.

Lessons Learnt :

The vessel was just taken over from a different nationalite. The management and also the ship board people were not aware of the fire plan. The fire plan was kept in Master’s cabin and was not in its place. Copies were taken and it was kept properly on the port and starboard sides. In fact, there was a provision for fire fighting from the bottom platform itself. The time could have been saved and also the extent of damage could have been reduced.
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