This is one of the incident happened in our ship because safety precautions were not observed properly.

The ship was sailing from Europe to Africa. In the evening @ 10 o’clock there was a loud noise and black out in engine room. Fourth engineer was keeping watch. On hearing the sound C/E , 2/E & 3/E rushed to engine room , and found 4/E burnt his hand. Stand by generator was started and power supply was restored. 4/E was taken to hospital along with 2/O and cadet for treatment. Explosion occurred on compressor main switch of the air compressor. Air compressor had earlier stopped on auto, and did not start on low pressure in air bottle, so he opened breaker panel to reset. Unfortunately, he did not cut off the entire power supply.

What he though to be a reset switch, was not correct one, and hence short circuit took place, there was a big flash, which caused injury to his hand and also the black out.

There was an earth fault inside the winding, as the bearing of the motor was found damaged, thereby the rotor had touched the stator, not only the windings have parted, but also the wires were touching the body. This earth fault together with the short circuit in the main switch, had created the black out.

The motor was sent for rewinding on arrival port and all the alarms checked and found ok.

Lessons learnt:

one can have enthusiasm, but must exercise caution while working with the equipments. When the compressor did not start, check whether fuses had blown or are they in tact. The fuses are given for short circuit protection, and since the windings had damaged, definitely the fuses would have blown off. Instead, trying for short cut and trying meddle around the trip circuits is a wrong practice, and should be avoided at any cost to avoid accidents. If the fuses had blown off, then identify the reason for their blowing off first before attempting onto anything else.
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