Early in the morning @ 0200 hrs cylinder lubricator low flow alarm came. On inspection it was observed the lubricator drive shaft not rotating. The chain case cover removed and observed the timing wheel had broken. The same chain was driving starting air distributor also.

Good amount of links were available in the spares. It was a recurring problem, as lot of broken chain links could be found. The chain was fixed. Timing was to be checked. To turn the piston, the turning gear was not available, hence the engine was turned by sending 30 bar air through indicator cocks of units 2 & 5.

The piston was brought to TDC with the help of hydraulics jack. The timing was adjusted with great difficulty and the engine was started again.The turning gear was damaged during the earlier engine overhaul. If the turning gear had been repaired, there could have been a time saving.


the recurring problems can be discussed with the manufacturer and same can be rectified with their help instead of stopping the engine at sea. Also such problems like turning gear breakage should be rectified as soon as the ship arrives at the port, by calling a suitable workshop to avoid such delays at sea.
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