One fine morning around 7.45 a.m ship had a black out and it was tried to start the other generator but it was not starting. Drained the D.O . service tank and found that it was contaminated with water . D.O setting tank was also with full of water.

As per C/E instruction it was decided not to touch double bottom storage tank and D.O setting & service tanks. We were lucky to have a header storage tank which was not contaminated with water. All relevant pipes were removed and from here a connection was made to generators and boiler . Generators were started and cargo work was completed. Mean while pipe lines were modified so that the generator could be run from D.O service tank and D.O storage header tank .

The gravity disc was changed in the purifier, and the purifier ran from settling to settling tank, to enable remove as much water as possible.The Diesel Oil Storage DB tank was surveyed in the previous port, and while boxing back, care was not exercised in regard to the manhole door boxing up, which resulted in the bilge water entering the tank. This led to the contamination.

Lessons learnt :

it is preferable a senior person check the gaskets or joints used for such doors boxing back. The juniors to be advised regarding the correct tightening procedure.
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