Place : Yangoon
Month : August

Ship was berthed at MIP jetty. Ynagoon is a tidal port. Time 1400 hrs and it was spring tide flooding. Total stream running 5 to 6 knots. Vessel was secured stbd side with 3 + 2 + 1 arrangement, both fwd and aft.

Suddenly it was observed that the aft breast rope and w stern ropes (wire ropes with PP tails) parted and the stern came away from jetty about 30 mtrs.

Immediately all crew swung into action. Main engines started, tug was called. Ship was held against the tidal stream for nearly 2 hrs. At the end of the tidal stream the ship was brought alongside.

It was observed that the breast rope and the PP tails of the two stern wire ropes parted because of lack of sufficient length to take up the springing. The short length of single breast rope was the most vulnerable.

Later on the vessel used full length PP ropes with 2+4 combination. Fwd and aft for securing in strong tidal streams, which worked satisfactorily.
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