Engineer Officers

The main responsibility of an Engineer officers is to maintain all mechanical and electrical equipment in the ship. The other crucial responsibility is that of power generation and distribution in the ship.

To efficiently discharge these duties you will monitor mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and control equipments using high-tech instrumentation. Engineer officers are expected to repair an equipment whenever it malfunctions or stops working. Analysing the fault, dismantling to repair, reassembling and ensuring proper re-functioning of the faulty equipment are what is expected. Senior engineer officer heads a team of professional engineers and supervises their work both at sea and in port. The highest cadre in this department is that of \"Chief Engineer\".

What qualities & skills will you need?

Good mathematical ability, good written and verbal communication along with practicality, resourcefulness and a true interest in mechanical and electrical systems are the expected skills. The general expectations are that of being decisive, confident and the ability to inspire and boost confidence among your colleagues.

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