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Open Day 2018

We are an academic residential college made up of students, scholars, old collegians and staff members. Our rich history is the foundation for our values.

Saturday, 26 August 2017
9am – 4pm
125 Birmingham, UK

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We are an academic residential college made up of students,scholars, old collegians and staff members. Our rich history is the foundation.

We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate aboutbeing the best we can be. Join us to make yourcollegeexperience unforgettable.

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It was a day comes true for me in getting the wide knowledge about the marine field,Sea .It is in endless and the marine field is in also has wide range at mile stones for to get the mile stones.

_Ranjith P,

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year
RANJITHP 26 5 2016 13 40 30
Well, this is the dream of every student to get placed at end of the Course. I am immensely thankful to my “HIMT College” that they fulfilled my dream to get placed in “Vr.Maritime”.

_Parthiban Durairaj,

Electro Technical Officers (ETO) – 4 Months
PARTHIBAN DURAIRAJ 7 8 2017 11 35 19
I am G THULASI RAM of GME-10. I am writing this letter to inform my heartfelt thanks for giving me a direction to my life . I am really thankful to you for your support and guidance because of which am got job in BSM.

_G Thulasi Ram,

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year
G THULASI RAM br GME 10 4 6 2018 11 46 23 1

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Monday, Wednesday 8:00 – 8:40
Thursday, Friday 8:45 – 9:30
Saturday 9:35 – 10:20
Holidays 10:40 – 11:20

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