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Dear Sir, I am Romeo Benet, ETO 16, I want to share my feedback with you. After complete I got very disappointed because without job. But now I have selected from Scorpio Tankers, Mumbai. I want to thank you and our HIMT institution. When I face my first interview outside college, I knew there is lots of competition. Now I feel very good because I got this opportunity because of our Institution and Staffs. I were face very confident among all other persons. 15 peoples from other institutions, Everyone done very well except circuit tracing. But I am special person because they asked circuit tracing finally. Previously I learned more from Mr, Syed Sir, I got practical knowledge from him, So now I am remembering him and our college staffs and quality of education. That’s why today I got shortlisted. So I want to thank all. We have good experienced staffs, That is our instruction strength. Thank you so much sir.

Romeo Benet
Electro Technical Officers (ETO) – 4 Months

I am G THULASI RAM of GME-10. I am writing this letter to inform my heartfelt thanks for giving me a direction to my life . I am really thankful to you for your support and guidance because of which am got job in BSM. Today I have achieved success, I can only think of HIMT COLLEGE and beloved faculty members who helped me in all possible ways to be successful sir. I’m really grateful to you for your support and encouragement. I still remember the efforts taken by all faculty members in training us especially venkatesan sir , Mani sir , janaka sir and other faculty members who shared their immense experience with us. Finally last but not least our principal sir CPG Sir who gave alot of confidence by pushing us by taking classes at night hours too. Thank you thank you very much sir for giving me opportunity …. With regards Thulasi ram GME-10


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

Well, this is the dream of every student to get placed at end of the Course. I am immensely thankful to my “HIMT College” that they fulfilled my dream to get placed in “Vr.Maritime”. Prior to the final day they conducted many mock drills (like projects, Circuit debarking, mock interviews, Labs, SIC training, Exams) which helped me a lot. That was made possible by my ETO Department. I am grateful to the college and Management for my placement. My college provided me with a good support and help. Through the efforts of ETO department, Training & Placement department. I have got the best of the training and placement opportunities. The Endeavor and enthusiasm of ETO, Training & Placement Department is very appreciable. The mock drills provided by them really boosted the confidence to clear. Thank you all for believing in me and keeping the faith alive…

ETO Mar – 2015

Electro Technical Officers (ETO) – 4 Months

I am M. Gokul from GP41. Old student of HIMT. I would like you to thank first for giving me the golden opportunity to elect me for the interview occurred at MOL. I have been selected and completed my first sailing and came home with good health and well respected. I had a wonderful experience in working with MOL. I gained lots of experience like emergency situations, drills, major over halving machinery and more. All the credits which I gained in my sailing has to go to HIMT

General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

It was a day comes true for me in getting the wide knowledge about the marine field,Sea .It is in endless and the marine field is in also has wide range at mile stones for to get the mile stones.The course I did from HIMT been a great experience.

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

These words are from my heart and what I was thinking till now. Initially, I don’t know about anything about HIMT. Because of few Faculties. Mr. V.B Sir, Mr. Janaka sir, Mr.Venugopal.Who are really struggled and taught very well.I personally thank them and also I did not expect about placement, and hard work for interview from managing Director Mr. Vakil Sir for us. I am proud of saying that, I got placed in Pacific International Lines(PIL) Ltd.

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

After coming to the HIMT only I realized. How my fascinated job is and I believe that in HIMT I got the best in it also HIMT provided the best placement opportunities to grow up in my career with full of joy and proud now I can say that HIMT College provided me the opportunity to participate in the PIL Interview.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

First 2nd Mate of IMU batch from HIMT College I’m Vijay Kumar. IMU Enroll.No.01509011038. DNS First Batch Of IMU With HIMT College, Chennai. I did my Presea DNS course from HIMT College and in Campus Interview got selected in Synergy Maritime Company and finished my 18 Months Sea time on Oil Tanker after that i did my all Modular Courses,ROC,ARPA,GMDSS,2nd Mate Function and TASCO from HIMT PostSea. I have Cleared My all Semester 1,2,3,4 & 5 Exam and 2nd Mate F.G Exams in May Month from MMD, Chennai got 2nd Mate F.G COC and become First Candidate from HIMT College who Cleared All Semester Exams and 2nd Mate F.G Exam In IMU Batch. I am very thankful to HIMT College for clearing All Exams as a first candidate In IMU Batch.

Vijay Kumar

DNS Course

My experience in the College is it was very well environment in the campus. The Faculty both academic and administration have treated us well.The Faculty explained about the entire topics very well. The Food and accommodation at HIMT College is good. The College has organized technical events and training for the campus interviews we have got good experience.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

I had nice experience during GME Course at HIMT College. The Great experience faculties are in HIMT College. They are concentrating not only theory part but also in practical also giving more important.College Hostel facilities are very good and they providing Good Food.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

I get a personality development, Discipline & a marine knowledge with a excellent Faculty.I learn from HIMT that how to survive in to sea. Very good food provided and thankful to the person in a canteen.Everyone in the HIMT College helps in any difficulty I hare. Finally thanks full to Mr.sanjeev vakil sir,they had given me opportunity to attend an interview. It I will get selected then I will not left thin company.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

First thing is coming to my mind wherever I coming to HIMT.I am feeling a home for from my home All the personal from top to bottom giving me a very good helping hand.They helped me more than my expectation to get my cdc , and the levity thing what happens to me , the opportunity given to me to get selected at PIC , It will bring me a bright futureThanks to each and everybody


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

I am passed out batch of GME-03. I have to thank M.D sir for the great experience which I had during the GME course. From the day I turned out to HIMT for my be mechanical Engg, everything secured to be a sudden change of activities in any day-day routine. I feel tough to get in act along with it initially, but one I got into these activities and disciples it seemed to get addicted to me in a great way.The experience made any self much disciplined and punctual person.The staffs I had during my GME Course especially vb sir,sahani sir,LSG sir,JANAKA sir, VG sir and all other sportily staff have provided me a great turn about. I thank once again to HIMT & MD sir for the great days.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

We had a great experience. In HIMT, the first day in HIMT terrified us what nice be our future is going to be as we changed our stream of studies but later we got confidence to us.They shared their experience and given us confidence finally completed the course with good knowledge and qualities like punctuality etc. I got selected in Pacific International Lines(PIL) Ltd.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

First all I must proud to be a student of our HIMT college. Really we had a good experience about the seafarers like furring my course of GME our training was very useful as well as very tough anther than other colleges. I hope it will be very helpful in our future and I must say about the placement and placement at PIL. It was given a lot of experience which will be very helpful to the interview.I thank you and I will not forget this help and experience sir.


Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) – 1 year

I am Bharat, I completed my GP Rating course from HIMT College and also got job in TARGET Ship Management through Campus Selections which was conducted by HIMT and I would like to say Many thanks to all the faculties and MD Sir of HIMT College for providing such a quality and the best training which I never forget in my life. Thanking HIMT College.


General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

After doing so much of research on internet and people suggested me to join HIMT College as this is one of the best colleges to join Merchant Navy and I did so as now it became true as I got a quality and best training which I have never seen throughout my life and in spite of this I got selected in Campus selection conducted at HIMT College in TARGET Ship Management and I am going to join the company soon. Thanks to HIMT for giving me such a great opportunity. Thanking HIMT College.


General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

am passed out batch of GP-44. I have to thank M.D. Sir for the great experience during the GP Course. I have learned many things in my training and thanks to all faculties. I got placed in leading Shipping Company – TARGET which manages ship for MERCATOR at campus interview.


General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

I am student of HIMT College passed in Jun 2012. HIMT College is a very good college interms of marine education. All the faculties are good at teaching and they are friendly .I got selected in leading Shipping Company – TARGET which manages ship for MERCATOR at campus interview.


General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

I have completed my GP course in HIMT College. First of all I would like to thank M.D Sir, for giving me great opportunity and I would like to thank all faculty members of HIMT College for providing excellent Teaching and Support.I got selected in leading Shipping Company – TARGET which manages ship for MERCATOR at campus interview. I will work hard and bring good name to HIMT College, I am very happy to be a student of HIMT College.


General Purpose Rating (GP Rating) – 6 Months

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